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With ECO issues making the headlines in most countries around the world, often the finger can and should be pointed at the large multi-nationals we see on our high street.

We have been in business for twenty three years, over the last decade we have witnessed large national companies abandoning the local businesses in favour of, again, larger national companies. This has a damaging effect on local economies in many ways.

For example, a large supermarket arrives just outside of town. We must agree that they generate extra jobs for local people that work in the store, but this is where the benefit ends, in my mind.

Local, traditional shops close, with the loss of employment.

The supermarket DOES NOT interact with other members of the business community, for example, in recent weeks we have spoken to an electrician working on a bank in Eastbourne, he was sent down from the midlands to execute three hours work! what a ridiculous situation, traveling two hundred miles, for three hours work, lets imagine the financial cost, the carbon footprint and the fact that there are many qualified electricians in the area.

We think that this practice produces a low quality of service, mainly because contacts negotiated at a National level will squeeze the national contractors into a price that often will lose them money.

Before we realize, the economy will be shared out between several big players, choice will be gone, control would have been taken.

Think twice before using a National! we try to use only local services, local farm producers, local service companies, the list goes on, we find a better quality of product and service, again and again. ECO friendly companies can be found in abundance on the internet, get those fingers tapping!

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